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    Use an 02 Block on an 09?

    So, I had an 02 155hp 4tec block that I put into an 09 130hp that broke a rod and went through the side of the block. On the 02 block, I removed the oil jet, had it honed and sized for 2 good used pistons and another used piston I had. Only difference between the blocks I could find was an extra grounding location screw boss, no big deal just doubled up the ones on the front. Head reworked with 4 new valves.

    It runs perfectly, compression is 145, 148, 145, and have put 1 hour of break in time on it. However, my oil pressure is very high(65psi, at hot idle, and will rev to close to 100psi) and the dipstick keeps popping out when revved with oil spewing out. So I checked the TOPS and it is free flowing, then I changed the oil pressure regulator with all brand new parts and it still has the same problem. No oil codes come up and BUDS shows no faults at all.

    So, can you use a first year 2002 4tec block on a 2009 once the oil jet is removed? They sure look the same or am I missing something? It still has the 2009 pto housing and all components?

    I haven't done a leak down test yet but figured since the compression was good that I wouldn't think that would be the problem.

    Any suggestions?

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    There is a block vent hole on the 06+ its behind the balance shaft. It needs to be drill in the early block to work with the 06+ vent system.

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    What size does it need to be drilled to? And I assume I need to split the cases to get all Al shavings out?

    Thanks for the reply.

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