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    Modded Raider top speed low?

    I've a '96 Waveraider 1100 with a few mods but doesn't seem to be as fast as it should.
    Theres a fair list of what's been done, mostly since last year.

    Engine mods are: big bored to 84mm for GP1200 pistons and crank, engine pressure tested after rebuild, standard head cut for 150psi with re squish, front water hose bypass to hull, middle cylinder of head drilled/tapped for extra water bypass fitting to hull, Boyesen 2 stage reeds, mild intake clean up but not cylinder ported, 38' carbs with throat bosses smoothed away, chokes removed/primer fitted, k&n FA's with carb adapters, new hi flow fuel pump, new 1.5 n & s's last year plus carbs rebuilt, pops off about 45psi, standard low jets, highs changed from 107.5 / 95 / 107.5 to 110 x 3. Brand new CDI, pick up coils, stator and rectifier last year. New fuel lines and filter. TinyTach commercial

    Other mods are Protec MoFlow grate, Riva Groovey ride plate shortened with Riva steering nozzle.

    Last year before the engine work it had a Solas Concord 13/19 fitted with a new pump housing and wear ring which gave about 58-60mph gps on flat water. GroupK advised this was propped way to steep and recommended the Solas Super Camber YD-SC-I 13/19 which is on it now.

    Just finished running the engine in and starting to run full throttle adjusting the carbs. This thing pulls like a train now, very smooth, no hesitation etc. Revs are maxing out at 6500 at the moment, probably still rich though.

    Now for the question, this is only giving me a steady 56mph gps on flat water. I'm sure before the re build rpm's were around the same 6500 (standard max rpm I think?) but speeds were nearer 60. Have I lost 4mph fitting the prop? This is the recommended one for standard/mild modded Raiders. How many rpm do I need to turn to break 60?

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    If you installed a prop with less pitch it will slow your top end. Of course you want your engine to run in the recommended WOT range. Group K can recommend a max WOT range to run in.

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