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    1996 Polaris slt 780 rebuild!

    Rebuilding the top end of my 1996 slt 780, but im a little confused on pulling the motor out of the hull. The manual says to take out the jet pump, but I dont want to start pulling out the drive shaft and have it not work during re-installation. Is there a proper procedure to take the jet pump off if ill be putting the motor back in?

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    The jet pump alignment doesn't change when you remove and re-install it. It is the motor's alignment to the pump that may shift and needs to be checked.

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    Oh ok thanks. It has a blown pto piston, like really blown. Im most likely going to have to do a full rebuild because since its only 1 piston im suspecting my seals have a leak

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    Yeah if the cylinder is nuked thn the crank is probably gone as well.

    Once stuff starts coming apart the pieces go down in the crank and do horrible things.

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