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    06 rxp Need advice

    Got an 06 rxp that had a slight knocking noise, I tore it down and seen it spun a bearing on cyl 3. Ski was shut down so there wasnt much damage, in fact the crank was still probably useable but i went ahead and got a real nice crank. I didnt know it at the time, but i got an 05 crank and was told it was from an 06. Spent 3 days scratching my head cause this thing would not start and only backfire. Finally pulled the motor and looked at the two cranks and there it was the pins were in different spots. So i fixed that you moving it over 2 bolt holes, put it back together and did a compression test and found out the #3 cylinder was low on compression so i pulled the head seen that the exhaust valves were not sealing on cyl 3 so i changed the 2 exhaust valves and laped them in. Finally got the compression back and it finally fires right up. Now i have so crazy noise that seems to be coming from the top of the motor. I would say it like a constant knock. The ski idles fine and "seems" to have power. Any ideas where i go from here or what that noise is from?

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    crazy noise that explains it ?????????????? please download this

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    Download the motor running.. im not sure how

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    Not sure what your noise is.... maybe a lifter??? However...... don't take any kind of advice from someone who would invest $9,500 bucks in a Honda ski!

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    Lol. I checked the lifters and they seem fine. Do oil pumps ever make noise?

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