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    purchased 02 kawasaki 1100 stx di WILL NOT START, BUT CRANKS OVER. HELP!

    2002 kawasaki 1100 stx di with 193 hours, been sitting in storage for approx 2 to 3 years. Has full tank of 3 yr old gas so I'm gonna drain it and replace e with fresh gas. I replaced the 3 spark plugs with NGK platinum (recommended). Everything else is there but not sure what I can do to diagnose any issues. Is there a device to check for issues? Anyone recommend anything else I should do to get it started? Has new battery as well. Thanks in advance!

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    might want to read up on what I went thru
    fuel pump was junk from sitting in stale gas
    warning: pics arent for the weak.

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    Where are the pics of the fuel pump? And where is the fuel pump located??

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    The first step in troubleshooting is to pour about a teaspoon of gas down each carb and try again. If it starts and dies, then you have a fuel starvation problem. That could indicate plugged carbs, plugged fuel filter, inop fuel pump, fuel selector valve problem, fuel tank pickup problem, etc. If it won't fire, you most likely have an ignition problem. Pull the spark plugs and check for spark.

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    fuel pump is in the tank near the rear
    follow fuel lines to it
    its quite a chore removing
    bars and supports need to come out or at least partially removed so the pump can be wiggled out.

    look in here for pics and info

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    Sorry, I didn't notice that this was a DI engine.

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    yea I figured that when you said selector valve etc

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    I will try the gas in cylinder and post results.

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    read all the info you can on this
    between a couple of us recently posting same problems and getting positive results with alot of help from other members here,Im sure you can get it going. And dont assume its the EMM thats bad. Im glad I didnt just jump in and change mine out
    (@ $4-600) as a $35 fuel pump fixed for less than $100 I got it on the water again.
    and thanks to BryanP,K447,GlenT for all the help.

    now back to my pump rebuild....
    and the FX-1 lost fire too...
    and the raiders carbs need rebuilt....
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