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    Macdill AFB to exuma bahamas


    I'm new to the tampa area. i was wanting to try to go around the tip of florida and go over to the exuma bahamas as a 12 day trip. Any advice on where to stop for fuel and what to bring? anyone else doo it?

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    Well, we didn't do it that way--we left from Key Biscayne.

    Seems like the main thing we weren't able to get over there was Off! The gnats that come out at dusk will eat all of the skin off of your legs. And they'll still be out if you get up early enough for coffee on the balcony. But it was very hard to find so bring your own!

    We only got fuel in Bimini. They didn't have any fuel at the Bimini Sands where we were staying--but they do have the fuel pumps so they may have fuel when you are there. We got our fuel over at the fuel dock right next to the Big Game Club.

    Sounds like you're gonna need quite a few Florida fuel stops, I wish I could help! However, we have lots of Florida members on here and I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

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    I can't add too much to your thread, but I do know most marinas on Sanibel island won't sell fuel to PWC's.

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    Call the fuel stations before the trip and make sure they will sell to PWC's and that they have the fuel you want. Be sure you already have a membership set up for towing should something go wrong and I recommend two GPS units and a VHF with gps & DSC built in.

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