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    Yamaha VX Sport: Good for a beginner?

    I'm new to Jet Skis, I've never owned one or even been on one for that matter. My wife and I were looking at the Sea Doo Spark mainly for its low price, low gas consumption and entry level feel. They are apparently very hard to find and the only one we have found is 200 miles away and a color we don't want. The dealer near me has said the Yamaha VX Sport is a better alternative to the Spark so we looked at it today. My mom came along too since my parents were thinking of either getting one also or just helping with the payment to use it too. The VX Sport is probably the max we're willing to spend and out the door with trailer we're looking at $12,000 according to the salesman. He also told us it doesnt have a wear ring to replace and the maintenance is generally lower. I have a few questions for owners or people who's had experience with them.

    How fast does it go?

    What's the weigh capacity? I've only seen the 1-3 riders not a real weight limit.

    Is $12,000 with trailer too much?

    How would it compare in power/bang for buck to a Sea Doo GTS 130?

    How much fuel per hour does it use?


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    $12,000 for a vx sport is way too much even with a trailer. The dealer near me sells them for just under $8000 plus a trailer. You could get a VXR or VXS with a trailer for less than $12,000 and have a lot more machine and still have minimal maintenance.

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    VX Sport is a good beginner ski and arguably will be more reliable than a brand new unproven Seadoo that just came out. I'd think you would outgrow the Spark really quickly. Yes, 12,000 is overpriced. Shop around. You can often find a deal on a leftover ski. VXR will be faster. Both should get decent fuel economy. As far as I know ALL skis have some sort of wear ring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cxk View Post
    What's the weigh capacity? I've only seen the 1-3 riders not a real weight limit.

    Is $12,000 with trailer too much?
    If weight is an issue, you should look at the VX Deluxe which comes with a reboarding step. I'm fat and I know that I wouldn't be able to reboard without the step!

    $12K is waaaaaaaaay too much! You should be able to do the deal for at least $3,000 cheaper.

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    They sell new for 7-8k. New trailer should be around 1k but you can find used for half that.

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    If what you want is a vx i would not go new, reason being these skis are extremely reliable and the used ski market has some pretty good deals (around my area you can get them for 3k to 5k) and you will save yourself a ton of money. Also you will outgrow this ski quickly, unless your main concern is fuel consumption and reliability.

    Another option is the 2002-2008 yamaha fx models great fuel economy, better chop ride, bigger, more stable, great reliability. Its more of a family type ski still runs around 55 mph and you can get these for 3k to 5k all day.

    Do some research first, think what type of riding you will be doing and what are your main concerns about the ski. when i first started doing my homework i was going to buy new and was going with the 300x and after i was done i ended up going used and with a 140 hp yamaha fx two very different machines. I am very content with my decisions and so far so good, have saved my self a lot of money, and also have learned newbie mistakes on my used skis instead of making them on a 12k to 17k ski.

    I dont know much about seadoo, but the looks are much better then the vx thats for sure.
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    I would go for the GTI before the VX Sport. IMO on a scale 1 to 5 (5 = top/best):

    Ride: 5
    Reliability: 4
    Fuel consumption: 4
    Ergonomics: 5
    Storage: 4

    Ride: 3.5
    Reliability: 5
    Fuel consumption: 5
    Ergonomics: 3
    Storage 3.5
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    Hello everyone! Just joined and this is my first post.
    As for the VX Sport? I just went through much research and opinion searching for a new PWC. I had my heart set on a VXS or VXR....but the dealers around here (Seattle area) would not come down to a reasonable price (below $15K w/trailer). No way I'd do that nor did I want any used watercraft (I'm very particular and prefer to put my own time/break-in/use on a ski). I've owned watercraft from Honda and Sea-Doo so I also have some experience in the matter. Anyway.....I settled on a Yamaha VX Deluxe model. Price, w/trailer, was about $10k. The VX is noted for exceptional reliability, very good performance for the money, and the lowest fuel usage of any similar sized three person PWC. The Sport model lacks reverse (something you really might want to consider and move up to the Deluxe or Cruiser model) and the new nano a couple of other minor things. In my opinion it's FAR better than the Spark. Especially for 2 to 3 passenger riding. My GUESS is that it will be more trouble free than the Sea-Doo as well (but just a guess).
    Speed? My new VX Deluxe is clocked at 53mph (give or take). I just broke mine in and on a smooth lake the speedo indicated 55-57. But typically the speedometer on any ski isn't 100% accurate. It's is plenty fast for me and like I've said, I've had PWC's before. The hull design is a good compromise for most water conditions. It's good in the chop....cuts turns well, and if you have the new nano hull it is light and maneuverable. It will pull a skier/tuber as well. Storage is a tad bit skimpy but not horrible. Another big bonus is the ability to get to everything when you lift the seat off. Excellent for maintenance access (even though the maintenance requirements are minimal).
    Drawbacks of the VX line? It's not the 1.8 liter engine. But if you want that one....get ready to pay big bucks for new and maybe even a used one.
    Good luck!

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    my first ski was a 2007 vx sport, I still have it and a 2009 fx ho cruiser. The vx has the best mpg of all ski's, cruising at 35 mph you should get approx. 8-9 mpg plus it holds 15.9 gallons (the spark has a small tank) Other responses have said to buy a used model and I am in complete agreement. As far as $12000 that is insane!!! Look for a used trailer on craigslist and you should be able to find a decent one for about $400. The only negative with the vx sport is it doesn't have reverse (at least the early models) reverse is nice but it if it doesn't have it, its not a deal breaker. The maintenance is very simple with the vx series.

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    $12k is outrageous. I got my FX SHO Cruiser brand new with a maintenance plan and 2 ski galvanized zieman trailer for 12. A VX with a single trailer should be well under 10 out the door.

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