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    2002 FX140 Dead - No Start

    Ok, so the past few weeks I've been having an electrical issue that all started with a voltage regulator going bad. It stopped charging while riding, and the low voltage alarm went off, After a few hours back at the house, figured out the issue and swapped it out with a cheap aftermarket one (first mistake)

    Ran great for 2 weekends/12-14 hours of total run time. At the end of the day I brought the ski home last weekend to clean/flush. I hooked up the hose, fired the ski up and went to turn on the hose, it died after about 4-5 seconds of running before the water got turned on. I went back over to refire, and nothing. It was like the battery was taken out entirely. I ended up letting it sit for a few days until I had time to deal with it. I checked the fuses, and sure enough they were blown. I tried to replace them, and they instantly shorted. I unplugged the aftermarket voltage regulator and the fuses no longer blew, hooked up the battery and it started up fine. I took it back and got a new OEM one from Yamaha yesterday, installed it and the ski fired up and started charging at 14.1. It ran like this for about 20 minutes on the hose. The voltage went up to 14.1 then dropped for awhile, then back up to 14.1 like it should.

    Today I joined CFJR on the Silver River ride, I dropped my ski in the water and idled over to the dock. Tied it up and when I went back to it about 45 minutes later to finally head out, I had the same problem as before. When you hit the switch there is nothing at all, no chirp, no dash lights, no starter. I unplugged the volt regulator, still nothing. Checked the fuses, they were all good. Checked the battery, it had 12.7 volts.

    Could this be an ECU failure? Is there a way to check? At this point, I'm tired of messing with it. I just want to get it running so I can trade it in on a new VXR.


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    Sounds like you might have some high resistance somewhere. From my understanding these motors need to charge at around 14.5 to 14.7 volts. I dont know if that is the percise cause of the engine not wanting to start. Do you have a manual for this ski?

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