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    2005 FX Won't Start

    Just pulled the skis out to sell them this year and as usual one wont start (it's usually the 1200GP R). The 2005 FX Cruiser will not turn over. Battery is good. When starter is pressed clicking sound, but not turning over. I think it is the stater since it was flooded with salt water 2 years ago. Sooo. Where is the D#$% starter? How can I verify it's not just a relay? Is there a thread on starter R&R?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I plan on doing what ever repair is needed myself.



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    I think this guide is on a VX, but will get you started. I think it will be much harder on the FX. Don't know if it can be done without removing the engine on an FX because of the exhaust, etc. being in the way:

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    Sorry man, motor has to be pulled because of the exhaust. You can't get the exhaust out with the motor in the haul. Trust me been there done that. It doesn't come out. If it's clicking you can should still try swapping out batteries. I had an issue on my Triumph where it said 12v but I had numours bad cells and it wouldn't power up enough to turn the motor over, even on a charger. Drove me nuts till I spent $90 on a battery and tried that.

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    Had the same problem this past weekend on my 06 FX-HO. It ticked but the motor didn't turned over and it turned out to be the battery. Try charging the battery before you do anything else, Julio...

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    I've got same problem but if keep tiring it starts after around ten goes been told could be my starter relay ordered one not got it yet

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    Try starting it with the battery from the GPR as it does sound like a battery or relay..


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    Red face

    I heard that if you turn over a fxho or jetski to much with a dud battery, you can blow the rectifier, but easy enough to get a new one from a motor bike shop..

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