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    ?? REMOVE INTAKE Grate ?? To survive the seaweed in Galveston for a fishing trip?

    Heading offshore fishing on the 2nd. Weeds are at record levels. I know about the "reverse" technique, reverse and kill the motor and the staying on plane techniques but am specifically wondering if anyone has ever just removed their intake and then gone through real heavy weed at slower speeds.

    We will never be in shallow water so I'm not worried one bit about sucking up rocks or shell. I guess our biggest worry besides the weed will be floating sticks or other artificial floating debris.

    Is there anyone out there who would strongly recommend against or is very much in favor of removal of the intake for this reason? Any "lessons learned" would be appreciated.

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    The thought of removing the intake grate would never cross my mind in any situation....It designed to keep large objects out of the inlet area....I wont even change out the stock grate for an aftermarket scoop grate for this reason....some of the rides we go on may have us 150 miles from our trailers....No grate would mean more weeds in the pump area possibly causing damage to your prop....sounds like you may be doing some swimming to unblock your grate....I carry a 14 mm socket and drive to remove intake grate to clean out if needed and a long pair of 45* needle nose pliers on my ski at all times....

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    I understand where Rob is coming from but if weeds will stack up on your intake grate they will also bunch up in the impeller area. I have had this problem before at the dock in Freeport across the street from the CG station. The weed was so thick the ski was getting clogged before I could get to the trailer. I would leave it on.....

    Just my 2

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