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    2008 FX H0 Cat Side Water Problem


    Got my first ride in yesterday, checked everything out the day before and ski's ran fine on hose. Went to the river and got about 17 miles down stream when the group came to a stop. I shut my machine off, sat for a couple of minutes and started buck up, immediately the high temp warning came on. I shut back off and started back up and no warning, got a few more miles down river and again the high temp came one. Stopped, got in the water and could find no trash weeds in the intake or anything. Let it cool, started again and this time the pipe thing with heat waves coming off it (Cat high heat) came on and the crew told me I was not getting water out of my right pee hole, since water was coming out the left side profusely it never dawn on me to check the right side. Had to get towed back up river and finally home. I ran a q-tip up the right pee hole and found nothing blocking the hose close in. Where else can I check to see if there is some kind of blockage?

    Any ideas?

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    I had an overheating issue with my 2006 and it was just blockage due to lack of flushing. I belive their is a 3 way valve that it is suppose to act like thermostat. This opens up and lets water out the right pee hole when the ski is up to operating temp. If im not mistaking it is located on the right side of the motor all the way to the bottom. Find a manual for the ski this will help you trac all the cooling lines and check that they are not clogged.

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    You won't see water coming out the R/H pisser unless you are at high revs, & even then it is more of a steam / vapour that comes out. This side acts as a pressure relief to the system so it is completely normal not to see water coming out at lower rpm. The first two things I would check are the inlet strainer........make sure it is not clogged, & also open the thermostat housing up.......common problem to get sand or debris in there which will cause's located next to the grease nipple for the intermediate housing.

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    Thanks, I was not able to get to it because of other obligations, I'll give those a try before taking to the dealer. As always my luck, the two year warranty ran out in April. LOL

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