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    14P-X, help me decide about the ECU

    I'd like to run 75. I just got my 10 hours on it and am trying to figure out which way to go. V-tech? Seems like I'm hearing some negative comments about ease of use and support. R&D reflash? Haven't read much, but I like the idea of just plugging it in so I can't screw it up. I have the Kanaflex and a 15-20 ready to go on. I plan on a new wheel for the charger over the winter, just need advice on the ECU.

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    I been hearing lots of unhappy Vtech users also. Are they located in Switzerland? Or even involved in the Jetski world? Or just the $$$? Somebody on another forum said they called them and the person didn't even speak english. I'm pulling the plug on the R&D flash soon.

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    You will hear a lot of negative things about every ECU/tune here on the boards. You also won't here how many people who are happy with those same ECU/tunes because they are not having any problems and are enjoying their skis. If you want no negative feedback, you gotta fork out the cash for motec.

    As for vtech, I have never had a problem and it is extremely easy to use. If you are ever planning on upgrading any further (you will get bitten by the speed bug), vtech is the way to go over the R&D flash since you can change your tune anytime and even go back to stock if you need to. Vtech with their 8375 tunes, your 15/20, and kanaflex will get you close to where you wanna be.

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    All my skis run V tech and have others done by v tech and very happy ...

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    Just my opinion, but unless you want to have to tweek the tune because it wont be right when you buy it....Go another route.

    I has Sea-Doo Centre/Les Cooke flash mine and it is great. The man has been doing this for 20 years and is one of the leaders in Sea-Doo performance.

    YES, I did have to send my ECU to Australia. YES, if I add more parts to my ski, I will have to send it back for reflash/tweeking. BUT, I am OK with that, knowing that I have a LEADER in performance doing my flash....

    Again, just my opinion.....

    If I had the $$$$$$$, I would have a MoTeC in a heartbeat!!!
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    Another option is a Motec. It is expensive, but with all the things you need to buy with a vtech, it adds up. Nils will take care of you if you get a motec!

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    If your adding part after part a R&D reflash isn't going to be the best route. Vtech will be the cheapest but you'll need to buy the Maptuner ($389), Tune credit ($600), and logger for ($489). So your at about $1500. Probably throw in the injectors for $400 to as your going to need them anyways. You'll also need RRFPR for about $400. The data logger is the key. With that they can fix and fine tune for your ski. Without it, its like just shooting in the dark.

    You might want to look into the Riva's Vipec, save you a good 1k over Motec. Haven't heard much about it though but its made to compete with the best is my understanding.

    Honestly if your looking to hit about 75MPH. Your best bet might be a just a R&D R2 tune and doing simple mods like your air filter. If your an ocean rider I'd probably throw a valve and retainer kit on the R2 tune. The tune alone should get you in that 73-74MPH area. Repitch of the prop and maybe a few of the free mods and you may hit a solid 75MPH. But hell, 1K going a solid 73MPH might be better then spending 4K to go 76MPH. To get these machines over 75MPH really starts eating into the pocket book.

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    If you are adding parts, it is always the same one part leads to another to another and so on. I started with a flash and wasted a lot of time and energy trying to get it right and then the MoTeC M130 was released. Night and day. I love my MoTeC, not only is it a great ECU but the logging that comes with it is out of this world. But the best thing about MoTeC is the support Nils and Pete supply as they go well above what I expect, the support is second to none. The logging and support is worth more than you pay for the ECU in my option.
    Go MoTeC you will not look back. I know I don't

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