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    V-Tech logger - fine tuned tunes

    If I run the V-Tech logger with a standard V-Tech tune (in this case 8350), can I send my data log to V-Tech for them to tweak the standard tune into a personalised tune for me?

    Is this a free service or do V-Tech charge for this?

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    The point of data logging is to fine tune your fueling and spark yourself to achieve the best AFRs and best power. I'm sure you can get an adjustment from them but it will be much more efficient if you learn it yourself. It's super easy stuff. VTECH isn't a full on power programmer where you can change every aspect of the tune.

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    Isn't there a auto tune after you upload the logged data???

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    Well normally on base maps if your ski have a basic setup you donīt need modify the file.....However always you can improve it....and well normally is not for free.

    Depending about you want.

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