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    Wake Pro 215 Break In

    Put my first hour or so on my new 2013 wake pro. Everything went well with no problems. Hull is very stable and handled chop a lot better than I expected. This thing pulls like crazy though I only spent a short while in sport mode. In Touring mode there seemed to be a lag before it started to spool up the rpms. Then it was crazy fast. Is this lag normal for touring mode or is it the computer holding back engine for break in hours? Sport mode was a lot more responsive. Looking forward to putting a few more hours on it this week.

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    Touring mode wont have the massive umph out the gate that sport mode does but with only 1 hour on it the computer is definitely holding it back for right now. You should feel it open up a little more around 5 hours and after 10 hours you should be 100% free from the computer limiting it.

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    I know there is over 100 pages, but the owners manual is your friend - try putting it next to the commode and read a few pages each time you're there.

    There is ALOT of useful, and 'good to know', information contained in those pages.

    As far as the 'lag'; its normal for touring mode. Your ski has a 'fly-by-wire' throttle; therefore your throttle body is actually controlled via the ECU. It is reported that there is a 1:1 ratio in 'sport' mode(throttle body to throttle trigger), while in 'touring' mode there is a programmed delay in throttle response in order that any passengers will have an easier time holding on, on take-off.

    Concerning 'break-in'; again, there is a whole section in your owners manual devoted to this. The ECU has everything under control, so ride it like you want. The only thing that YOU have to be careful/mindful of is not to leave it drone on at one particular RPM for any prolonged duration. Again, it's all in the owners manual.
    Personally, I would be spending more time in 'sport' mode for break-in.

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    Thanks for the replies. Been through manual a little. Guess I have to spend some time with it. This thing is going to be a blast.

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