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    as the title states, I am selling my advent cdi box which was removed from my 2001 gp 1200 due to the sale. I sold the machine and the owner wasn't planning on running the machine on race fuel so he removed the race heads and all the parts with it including the advent cdi box.

    Selling for $300 for quick sale.
    shipping anywhere in the united states or canada included.

    Email me for direct response at [email protected]
    Located in Ottawa, Ontario.
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    do not reply to this thread ,he is a scammer,
    I fixed his 04 last week and he did not sell it.
    The advent he has is shot,he hooked the battery terminals backwards and fried his ignition.
    do not attempt to buy anything from this looser.
    He didn't even pay his repair bill yet .
    I can assure everyone that the advent is freid and does not work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver93t View Post
    He even had the gull to justify what he was doing and responded to me by email that not to worry ,
    he was going to sell it on ebay for $229,
    funny thing is that he is banned from posting anything on ebay.
    do not buy anything from this guy.
    watch for his user name and beware

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    wow yamahafreak you are a looser men.

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