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    96 slt 780 dead cylinder

    i have a 96 slt 780 and the pto cylinder is dead. I have been racking my brain and reading posts and finally have to break down and ask for help. So i have rebuilt the fuel pump, changed all the fuel lines, rebuilt the carbs, etc..had ski out on lake firing on all three cylinders, although still running a bit poor, when the pto cylinder went dead on me. I checked the compression and i have 125 125 115 with the pto cylinder being the 115, i checked and i have spark, even replaced the coil and wire, trimmed it 1/4 inch the whole nine yards, put it back together and still the same problem. Everytime i pull the spark plug out it is as clean as it was when it came out of the package, only soaked with gas! Almost like the cylinder is filling up full of fuel. When i crank it over with the spark plugs out it doesn't seem like it's spitting any more gas than the other cylinders though. So i have fuel, compression, and spark, but not fire. I'm puzzled. Probably something simple i'm overlooking (at least i hope it is!) But hopefully someone had this happen and knows the answer or can at least point me in the right direction! Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    problem figured out, now to fix it....

    so after pulling it apart some more i found out that something, probably the needle valve is stuck open in the pto carb and it is filling the cylinder with too much fuel and drowning out the spark.....will let yall know exactly what was stuck and why in case someone else has this problem at some point.

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    what did you find out? i am having the exact same problem now. killing myself to figure it out! help!!!!

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