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    Yamaha fx160 ho fuel leaking in water and overheating buzzer

    Hi new member here in need of help. Bought the ski a couple of month ago. Been running perfect until last could of trips out. Started with overheat buzzer sounding when running at low revs. It stopped after giving the ski a good run. Out today and buzzer sounding every 5 minutes. Came back in and it even sounded whilst on the hose. Also noticed a lot of fuel in the water coming from the bottom grate whilst flushing it.
    Any advice please

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    First thing would be to check the cooling lines for obstructions. Did you notice if the water spout was a bit weak?

    I get fuel in the water too; I think its just from the exhaust.

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    Search for the manual online, and start checking the cooling lines i had a similar issue and it was the thermostat clogged after that never again

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