Got our 2007 Yamaha 1100 VX out for a little Memorial Day water fund. Prior to putting int out on the water I changed the plugs, oil and oil filter. My daughter took it out first and when she got back i noticed some white smoke coming out of the back of the ski. I put it on the hoist and realized that stupid me over filled it with oil, probably 1 1/2 courts too much. I drew out the excess oil and took it out again. No problem...ran great, started great and no more white smoke. I took it out this morning again and it had a hard time starting. I checked the plugs and they didnt look fouled. i ran it for a good while, brought it back to the dock, shut it off and it restarted just fine. While i was on the ski, it performed as normal. However, when it gets cold, it has a hard time starting. I haven't checked the spark arrestor/ air filter yet. Nest weekend i am going to inspect the spark arrestor and see what i am looking at there. Anybody venture a guess as to how much i trouble i have caused here??? Is the hard time starting a function of a gunked up spark arrestor/airfilter or did i do some serious damage here?