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    Water In Oil 2008 RXPX

    I went and looked at an 08 PX in my area on Saturday. Fairly clean ski with 60 hours and has a whole new pump, impeller, wear ring, ride plate, and carbon ring apparently due to some rocks .

    Anyway I had him hook the hose up and we started it, sounded good with no signs of knocking and just ran smoothly overall. Had him shut the hose off then I shut it down and checked the oil and here it was milky. It had a fresh oil change the week before preformed by the dealer when the rest of the new parts were installed. I ended up walking away but told him I would get back to him after a few I could get some help from my Greenhulk friends

    When driving back home I got to thinking it may be milky because he turned the hose on shortly before I was next to the ski to start it.If that was the case, are only a few oil changes due beings the ski seemed to run fine? Or is this something I should just stay away from?

    Tried searching the forum but most the stuff I found said it was uncommon for water to be in the oil before filling the cylinders which I don't believe happened because it fired right up?

    Thanks for any help and Happy Memorial Day!

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    First thing I would check is the intercooler do a search you will find a bunch of info on the oe intercooler.

    LOL I have a post.

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    Intercooler is possible also. Thinking I'm just going to ask him to take back to the dealer he had the previous work done and go from there. Starting to wonder too if the contaminated oil is causing damage by not being changed right away? Or is there only a time crunch to get the moisture out when the cylinders fill up?

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