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    99 SLX carbs on 97 Sl 1050

    I have a 1997 SL 1050 that has poor throttle response off idle. My Sl 900 has way quicker acceleration. I have been doing some reading and it seems this is pretty common with the 1997 Sl 1050. Someone posted that the 1999 Slx carbs really wake the 1050 up. I'm wondering if someone can verify this and what carb settings you're using? Also are they a direct fit to the 1997 Sl 1050? Thanks

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    I am experiencing the same issue with my 97 sl1050, runs like a bat out of hell after about half throttle but seems like its bogging down on the low end. Any help would be appreciated. I have been skeptical to swap carbs for fear of the settings not being correct.

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