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    1999 SLX carbs on 1997 SL 1050

    I have a 1997 SL 1050 that has poor throttle response off idle. My Sl 900 has way quicker acceleration. I have been doing some reading and it seems this is pretty common with the 1997 Sl 1050. Someone posted that the 1999 Slx carbs really wake the 1050 up. I'm wondering if someone can verify this and what carb settings you're using? Also are they a direct fit to the 1997 Sl 1050? Sorry for the double post but I thought it might get more views here. Thanks

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    Yep, it can be difficult tuning those 97 SL1050 carbs,having an old engine doesn't help.
    Those 97 SL carbs are 40mm without accelerator pump and use 2 jets

    The 98-99 1050 & 00-01 1200 used 40mm Keihin carbs with accel pump and 3 jets.
    When I installed these carbs on my SL1050 I ended up using High jets 142 mag-142 center-138 pto.
    Mid jets 50 , low jets 65.

    The 99 slx came with 140-140-135 pto. 35 mid , 65 low

    You can buy jets here;

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    Hey thanks casey. Were you pretty happy with the ski after you put the carbs on? Are they a direct fit? I'd like to keep the flame arrestor and all that intact. Also what elevation were you running at?
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    LOL... My friend was very unhappy with the 1050 carbs at the end and my other friend was very proud of his 900.
    When I bought the 1050 and did the carb switch- the tables were turned.

    Yes, I was very happy with the SL1050 after that, I still have it but use my SLX 1200 more.

    Yes, they are a direct fit, no modification at all. The accel pump really works great with the SL1050-really should have come from the factory with them. The mid jet is kinda tricky (being a 3 jet set up) might be why Polaris avoided them.,_Illinois
    Shows an elevation of 504ft.

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    Cool. Thanks again for the help

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