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    YF-CD-13/19 impeller, hole shot kit, intake grate

    Looking for yf cd 13 19 impeller, and the hole shot kit, and intake grate for my 03 gp1300r, let me know if you have something and how much. shipping is to 98661

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    Buy a kit from wfo. I just bought a hole shot kit from him! Amazing guy to get parts from as he actually can send pdf files to help with the install. I do recommend if your doing any mods make sure your pump shoe has not pulled through the hull and please do tunnel reinforcement before its to late. This you can also buy from him as well as the updated bracket's and about anything else your little heart desire's!

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    FYI- I just bought a 03 gp1300r that the pump shoe pulled through the hull back in 07 was not repaired correctly. Now, I am in the process of putting a transom plate, pump shoe along with the reinforcement kit.

    I also recommened you sealing the pump shoe as well to reduce any unwanted cavitation if your wanting a good holeshot use a 1200-1300r intake grate. Also, look into stepping your stock sponsons.

    Im sure you already knew this but, I figured I would make a quick reply.

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    I have the impeller, near perfect.

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