Becoming a personal watercraft owner and operator is a little more complicated than it seems at first glace. Basic watercraft maintenance is not only an issue, but owners have to remember to be up to date on registration, have the proper safety equipment, a well-maintained trailer, and know how to properly tow a loaded trailer, among other things. With all that needs to be done before heading off to the water it makes sense to make a check list, but what needs to be on the pre lake checklist? Luckily Sea-Doo has reached out to watercraft owners both new and experienced with their “How To” video series.

released the first of eleven “How To” videos this month and will continue to release one each week throughout the summer. The first video “Getting Started” walks viewers through the personal watercraft buying experience. The video is well made and entertaining: which is good for those of us with short attention spans. The video teaches the importance of basic dealer relationships and getting to know local laws. Like the title entails it is a comprehensive look at getting ready to get behind the throttle of a new watercraft.

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