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    type of engine oil for modded gpsho

    No long got a modded gpsho the oil gets changed around every 3 hours and yamlube is used seen a lot of people saying they wouldnt use yamalube in a modded ski
    if so y not
    ive always used manufacturers oil as it in my opinion formulated for the engine so is there any evidence yamalube is bad for my ski or is it just peoples opinions because I would rather keep using it and not mixed things up
    many thanks
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    My sho runs on castrol magnatec profesonal, im not sure if you can buy it in shops as i get it on trade, tho it meets and exeads yamahas oil specs, so far at 130hrs and used since 5hr service, changed every 20-25hrs

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    keen to see what answers come in, im still deciding what to change to, i know that even some synthetics still have friction modifiers that are no good for the life of a charger clutch. Amsoil would prob be my pick but its not readily available in most stores over this neck of the woods.

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    If theres no reason apart from preference I will stick with the yamalube serves me well for my two stroke and formulated for the engine and the oil doesnt stay in mine long enough to break down or even get dirty the previous owner started this and I will keep it going and performance engine need regular changes my mitsubishi evo was done every 3500 of 6 months

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    If you are changing oil every 3 hours
    It doesn't really mater what you use

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    Yamalube and stock filter

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    3 hours is a joke its a SHO with E1 on pump gas...your taking oil out of an engine after 150 miles aprox
    talk to Opie oils about a oil fit for use and put some premium stuff in and ride more and change oil less

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    I thought 3 hours was excessive but id rather have someone change it to often than not enough lol
    I prefit yamalube but I was trying to find out if there was a reason to change or if it was just peoples preference
    because im not a modding expert im paranoid to do anything due to lack of knowledge
    I ride it constantly been out 3 times in a week and had 84mph already with loads to go and want to keep It in the best condition I can
    just trying to gauge what others are using and its mixed but no firm reasons apart from personal choice
    thanks for the responses

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