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    2011 RXT-X throttle gets stuck at WOT!!!

    Hello guys,

    my 2011 RXT-X AS 260 RS recently has a new problem.
    During the last ride, every time when I jump I jumped a boat's wake, the throttle got stuck to WOT in the moment when I hit the water after the jump. It feels like this initial impact, even when it was never hard at all, is causing this problem.
    After pulling the break the ski stopps accelerating and an engine failure message shows up.
    The ski still is under warrenty, but all the dealerships tell me that I have to wait at least 6 weeks to get an appointment, maybe I can get some help here.

    Has ever anyone of you had this problem?

    Best wishes,

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    Sounds like it's sticking. Does it stick open any other time? Or only while jumping?

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    It is either the electronic throttle body (TB) module or the TAS Throttle acceleration sensor in the handle bar at the trigger.

    There have been a few of us on the Hulk that have had to replace the TAS module and a few have had to replace the TB itself.

    The first thing I suggest is remove the hose from the IC to the TB, then make sure the TB blade moves freely with no binding.

    You can also take the brake module out and temporarily swap it with the TAS module upside down out of the steering, start the ski rev it up and see if the problem is fixed. If so, then replace the TAS module.

    Here is what I went thru, see post #7 for details:

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