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    2013 VXR storage mistake

    Well I pulled the ski from storage yesterday to hit the river for a little rip but the damn battery was stone dead, my own fault, I did not disconnect it when I put it away last fall. But being brand spanking new, or damn near, what really caused it to drain that dead? I was thinking the security system. Should I have pulled the 3amp fuse for the security or would that have not done a thing? If I'm not going to be riding it for awhile and it is the security system slowly draining the power I'd like an easy way to kill the power so it doesn't become dead again. Thought maybe pulling that fuse would be a quick solution rather than removing the battery entirely but I dunno.

    I also thought that once we got it started it would pick up on its own and recharge the battery, like a car or anything else will, but I was wrong. Figured a good half hour or so of riding would have the battery back to normal. Soon as the jumpers were removed it started stuttering badly and eventually died, but with jumpers on all was good. On a car, once you start the engine you can remove the battery and run off the alternator so I thought it would be the same for this, guess marine craft are different?

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    OEM battery ??? replace it with a better quality AGM battery, sitting over the winter ruined it, or at least remove it and charge it properly and test it

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    A battery tender is $29 and one of the best investments you can make.

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