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    Sltx 1050 oddness...

    So I finally got my 97 SLTX 1050 running, and it ran good... but I noticed the MFD wasn't working, I figured it was no big deal if it was going to run this good I could live with the MFD not working or worry about it another day... So we rode out to the local marina about 20 min away. no problems.. shut it off for about 15 min. When I came back and hit the starter it wouldn't start... and the MFD started working! WTH.... After nearly killing my battery trying to start it I thought to unplug the MFD.. So I did.. And bam it fires right up!... so I let it idle put the seat back on started closing the front hatch and it died again... now nothing... plugged the MFD back in still nothing... If anyone has a clue what or where I should look first I would appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance!!

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    Look at the wiring harness to the handlebars and around the MFD. It sounds like there are damaged, broken or shorted wires somewhere around the steering and handlebar area.

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    Okay, I will look around.. I just found it odd that it ran so good when the display wasn't working, and vise versa one it did..

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