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Thread: Ultra 260X Oil

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    Cool Ultra 260X Oil

    Hi guys,

    I have had an Ultra 260X for about four years now, I have always used this type of Kawasaki oil.

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    I am curious to hear if any of you have been using any other type of oil on your Ultras? and perhaps a different oil filter from the OEM oil filter, such as the K&N KN-204?

    any inputs, thoughts are much appreciated.


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    You are going to get a million different opinions on oil no mater what type of vehicle you have, and ask what oil to use.. I say keep using what works for you, as you haven't had any issues so why change..

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    I use the OEM oil filter and Royal Purple synthetic in my 300. There's plenty of oil out there that works just fine and you'll get a lot of different opinions on which one is best.

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    this might assist...

    the key is that it (oil) is kept clean.....

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    Thanks guys, yes I did find a huge discussion about oils yesterday in another thread which just made me think I should probably just stay with the Kawasaki oil I have been using and just keep changing it at about 20-25 hour mark. My 260X has about 110 hours already, but I got the engine replaced late last season (so roughly about 6 hours on the new engine) and thought maybe I should look for a better oil etc...

    On a slightly different note, I took out my ski on Monday and got an Oil Temperature error code about an hour into riding (this is the first time i ride it this season)... I looked at the oil and it def looks like is a bit mayo like... what puzzles me is that the ski was running perfectly fine on my last ride last season, and I ran plenty of anti-freeze through the engine when I winterized it. I read in another post something about condensation.. but I don't see how condensation alone could cause the oil to look a bit like mayo.

    Any thoughts on this issue?

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