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    Just got a 2002 polaris genesis 1200 direct injection .i hooked my jumper box up and tried to crank it .It turns over but did not seem to be getting fuel i have good fire to the plugs. I then removed the filter from the throttle body and added a little fuel and tried to start again and it backfired bad. I have never heard it run but was told it just quit running one day and it has been sitting for about a year now. I need help and thought this might be the place to get it so if anyone can help it sure would be appreaciated alot. By the way i am new to this forum and new to jet skis

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    Backfiring on a Ficht fuel injected engine usually means the EMM needs repair. There are several services that repair these EMM.

    There may be other problems with the machine and certainly some maintenance stuff is in order with any of these older watercraft. See my signature links for some useful info. Look in the Ficht section and the Virage sections.

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    Hello you emm is probably broke and need to be repaired. You can just call me at 615-707-1273 i will talk you through most of the command problems thanks harris

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