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    My thoughts on a 2000 Polaris Genesis DI I picked up last night

    On my quest to but every Polaris ski in Ga, I got a nice 2000 Polaris Genesis last night that has a bad real piston. It seems to have a lot of diffrences from the Virage Di. The quality seems to be much better #1 and #2 it will be easer to work on because it is so open on. When I look at the 2003 MSX and the 2000 Genesis I see where they got some of their ideas from. I think I will put a motor out of a Virage I have in the Genesis and sell it. It does look tempting to keep but maybe I will try to find the last year they made them and get one.

    Question: I did note that the drive shaft is shorter and I think Polaris made a extension later on for the Virage skis. Will a 2000 Freedom jet drive bolt up to the Genesis and work? The blade is nicked up bad on the one that came with the Genesis.

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    The Genesis is a rather big and heavy hull for the two cylinder Virage i engine to move around. It would work with the correct impeller for the engine, but it would not be very fast.

    There is a lot of room in the Genesis hull and it is solidly built.

    The Genesis uses a short version (no extension wear ring) of the standard Polaris modular jet pump. The impeller is tuned to allow the engine to rev despite the heavy hull load. The intake grate on a Genesis is unique to that hull, not like all other Polaris hulls.

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    I do plan to put a 1200 TXi motor in it but the impeller 5131366 is bad. All I have on hand is the Freedom 5132372A. I'm thinking the 5131366 is more of a power prop? If I can't use the Freedom 132372A how much do used 5131366 run?
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    Freedom prop ain't going to cut it.
    My rule of thumb when looking for an impeller is to look on the skat-trak and solas website. They have a matrix on what works with what. Look at the part numbers and see which one will work on different models. THEN go look on ebay for a used stocker from a similar ski.

    Remember the Freedom was the base model 700 single carb. About the cheapest most lackluster ski of that era from Polaris.

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