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    ODD ISSUE on GSX 787

    I have a 1997 Seadoo GSX 787... Its a bit of a Franken-ski.... It has the MPEM from a 951, and has been working great... fixed the voltage so its charging properly.

    Now here is the issue, the ski was running great, with a minor quirk, you had to get the pump out of the water for the ski to rev up and take off... the ski would bog down and not get on plain unless u hit a wake and let the pump grab air... then it would take off and run fine.... so, I took the carbs off.. took them to seadoo and had them clean it all out... put it back together 1.5 needles and seats, black springs... new everything! new plugs, new fuel lines.

    It ran great for 1 day (minus the having to let the pump grab air still)... then nothing, wouldn't run, wont get over 2800 rpm in the water... On the trailer however it acts great (idles at 3,000, revs up quick).

    I took a fresh pump out of another ski and tried that without any luck...

    the ski has 110 compression on both cyl.

    I have searched and searched, and asked seadoo... nobody knows what to do...

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    Check your pop off on your carbs

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    And its almost time for a fresh bore

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    It is the raves. All 97 787s had this problem.

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