Hey gang,

I came back home from college a few weeks ago and started prepping the skis for the summer last week. I tried starting the ski, but it cranked very slowly as if it had a weak battery. I charged the battery but turns out the battery wouldn't take a charge so I went and got a new battery late last week. I went away for the weekend and my dad put the battery in and I guess it didn't help. Any ideas?

here's some info: it's a 2012 px with 30 something hours on it. It ran fine the last time I had it out which was late August of last year, I flushed it out afterwards like normal and everything. The ski sat outside with the cover on all winter (we had a bad winter in MD) and my dad never had the skis winterized The oil and coolant looked fine and everything appeared to be alright until I tried starting it.

My dad took the ski down to the dealership over the weekend, hopefully it's just a bad starter or something simple because I doubt warranty will cover anything since it wasn't winterized.