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    1100 stx DI ski, #2 cylinder contstant spark, #1 no spark, #3 here and there spark???

    Hi guys,

    I really hope someone here can help me out with my ski. I was out a couple of days ago just cruising on my ski and all of the sudden it died. I noticed that the fuel was low so i just assumed it needed more, but it wouldnt start after i put some in it. I then did a couple of test and when i tested to see if it was receiving spark, it only sparked once every time on the initial crank for ignition coil 1 and 3 but #2 coil would receive a constant and strong spark. I then pulled the primary wire off of #2 coil, and #3 coil would spark but #1 wouldn't. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    pull the crank sensor clean it off and see if that works.
    if it does thanks to GlenT

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    Thanks, I will clean it tomorrow and let you know.

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    you can also check the output of it while cranking

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    Do i have to use a peak voltage adapter to test the voltage coming out of the cps? The manual says 2.7v+ should be coming out.

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    Hello you can try moving you coil wires around to see if the problem moves with it. Other than coil going out your EMM is probably bad and need to be tested if you need any help call 615-707-1273 thanks harris.

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