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    1996 polaris SL700 will not start

    When I go to start my jet ski it just clicks, but only once and it sounds like it is coming from the ignition coil box. I got a new batter and it is still doing the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas on what it might be. It worked great and started great last week. Please any help would be great it was my wife's birthday present and she only road it twice.

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    You need to start checking electrical connections. The clicking is coming from the start solenoid.

    Start by removing and cleaning both ends of both battery cables. You especially want a clean metal to metal connection at the engine.

    If that does not help then check the cable to the starter motor and the connection at the starter motor.

    On the blue Fuji engines the bolts that hold the engine down to the engine cradle are also part of the electrical system ground path. Loose or corroded mounting bolts in the bottom of the engine can cause electrical problems.
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    I know im rather new to this 2 stroke thing, but I would try one simple check to make sure you didn't lock the motor up somehow. Just remove the spark plugs and try to turn the motor by hand. Its a 5 min thing that can save you endless amounts of time. It prob wont be locked up but u never know.

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    All connections look good, We unhooked the wire that goes to the starter from the box and connected it straight to the battery, and the battery did nothing. So I ordered a new one hopefully that is it. Do you by chance know whats the easiest way to get the starter out?

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    We checked the motor and it is not locked up, but did find that the spark plugs were shot. Thanks

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