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    hot vs cool weather

    I have a modded rxpx Stage 3-4 boat and now that the heat has come on the rpm has dropped to around 8250 and my top speed is down 5-7mph. Just wondering if this is what other see or could the wear ring be getting worn out. Thoughts

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    Thought. The warm weather limits the performance of our SC boats. I'm not a tuner like most guys here but I think your power loss may be reasonable. I know that in the fall and early spring my stock RXTX is a cat on fire with the cool air and the warmer slightly hurts it's performance.

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    IMO that sounds like to much loss.
    A list of mods would help.

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    If you're 100% sure of those numbers then you need to take a look at your IC. I might lose 200-300 RPMs

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    depends on the temp. differential along with barometric pressure and humidity-- hp correction factor. Along with this is the temp. of the water you are running through your intercooler. I ride in 40 degree weather with floating ice and my fast ski is unreal, the same ski in 95 degree weather will be down as much as 550 rpm. Riding conditions that produce 108% vs. 98% hp.

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    What Jim said.....I use the same calculator and know how my ski will perform before I even get on the water.

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