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    Smoke and only runs when choked

    So not sure if any of you have followed my previous threads but I had a bad hull bearing carrier on my ultra 150 and pulled the motor and replaced it. Checked compression and it was great in all three cylinders. Went to fire it once the motor was back in and got nothing. Pulled the plugs and turned it over and what appears to be oil sputtered out of the cylinders. I read some where oil can leak into the crank over a winter. So I got as much out as I could. Got fresh gas and new plugs. The ski fired up but will rev up with out any throttle and the choke off. If you turn the choke on it will die. The thing is dumping smoke out the back and black oil.. Any ideas? Sounds kinda rough when it runs to.
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    Sounds like two problems: oil in the cylinders, and a lean condition.

    Revving up uncontrollably usually indicates an air leak somewhere. Did you pull the carbs off when you pulled the engine? Probably have a leaky gasket.

    About the only way to get all that oil out is to crank it with the plugs out, then run it. Carry extra plugs and a wrench because you'll probably foul them.

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