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    Needing Help with a 2000 seadoo gtx Di

    I picked up a 2000 seadoo GTX Di the previous owner had a new head put on the jetski last summer and said that when he got it back it ran great. He had it winterized at the end of the season. This spring he went to ride it and it will barely idle and will not go over 2000 RPM's. So far I have put new plugs in and put new fuel in it hooked it up to a Candoo pro scan tool and it shows no codes and there is no maintenance light on. Out of the water hooked to a garden hose it idles good at 1250 RPM's and when you press the throttle it will rev up to 5500 RPM's. so it runs great out of the water and in the water it wont hardly run at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like water getting into the top of the Engine thru the exhaust?? check the plugs in the lake & see if you have water on them??

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    One of the most common problems with the seadoo DI is the fuel pump. I'd suggest testing the fuel pressure first. The lines use standard connections, so you might be able to find an automotive shop that can test it for you. I don't remember the pressure numbers, but 10 or 20 lbs low will make it run bad. The air compressors fail also, but usually the fuel pump goes first. Check the cylinder compression also to rule that out. There is an inline fuel filter, and last I checked you can't buy just the filter. Last time I worked on a DI boat, there wasn't an aftermarket fuel pump or filter available. The best price I found on a new pump was some guy selling new OEM on Ebay. Good luck with it.

    Do you know why he would change just the head? A corrosion problem? 951s aren't really known to have head gasket failures.

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    The DI needs 107 psi to run correctly. There is an aftermarket pump that has had success. PM'ing you

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