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    Question WaveRunner XL1200 LTD Excessive Battery Drain?

    I recently bought a MY 2000 XL1200 LTD. I had to get a new battery because the old one was pretty much dead and did not have enough juice for cranking. When connecting the new battery I noticed some sparking, which was a bit surprising. I hooked up an amp meter and measured 1.27 Amps when the lanyard switch was off. I could not find any information about how much current there should be when nothing is turned on but I am pretty sure it is not as high as 1.27Amps. Does anybody know what could cause this? I rebuilt the carbs before this but I am not aware of having pinched any wires.

    I checked the following already:
    - When I remove the 10A fuse then the current drops to 0.24A
    - exhaust and water temp sensors made no difference
    - lanyard and stop switch position made no difference
    - starter button is inactive when lanyard switch is off (as it should be)
    - I removed the wiring connectors from the multi-function display one after another to see what has an influence on the current drain. Only the 6-pin connector made a difference and, within the connector, only the black and red wires made the difference between 1.27A and 0.24A. If I am not mistaken this would mean that somehow there is a drain of more than 1A happening in the multi-function meter?

    Does anybody have experience with this or any hint as to where I might look next?

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    does this ski have a advent ignition or stock?

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    makes sense the black and red are the power and ground for the MFM.
    can you swap with a known good one

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