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    2004 Yamaha GP1300R Problems...

    Start unit up runs rough bogs down... Checked Compression 105 105 95 (Front To Rear) Ran self test got a 01 on display pulled center valve cover no sludge build up. When Started Exhaust temp icon starts to flash within 10 seconds even when cold. Thinking the Converter is plugged up for ideas...Thanks For reading!

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    has this ski been sitting long?
    and they run like shit on trailer

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    Runs bad in and out of water...Sat all winter first run of the season this past weekend

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    Try some new fresh gas and a set of plugs. How did it run just before you put it away for the winter?

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    first things first. cat/con needs to be out period! than you take out for a test. this is rule number 1 , every single one at some point develope cat/con problems and sometimes it causes engine damage. if a big chunk goes all the way down it can get stuck restricting the exhaust flow .

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    Going to Get D Plate and remove cat everything is pointing to reply to 04gtxsc ski ran fine last year when put away! Thanks Guys

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    send you a pm.

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