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    97 XP dess question

    Hey everyone. My names mike. I just recently got into PWC. A few weeks ago I picked up a 95 spx fixed it up and runs great. Yesterday I picked up a 97 XP as I wanted a second ski for my gf. Everything went fine at purchase. Started right up no issues. Got it home. Put it on the hose started up. After I shut it down. I removed the key. When I put it back on again. I did not get the two beeps as normal. I also got no power at all. No diog mode either. I checked the fuses and seen the 7.5 fuse was blown. I replaced it. All other fuses checked good. Battery is new and charged. I started to check all connections and noticed the mpem connection was loose. I secured it and it clicked in. I put the key on the dress post and only got one long beep then no power again. I disconnected the mpem plug and reinstalled it. Got power and once again one long beep and power cut off. Could it be a fault in the harness. Or maybe the key un programmed somehow. I have two keys. Neither of them now work and I only get one long beep. And its only if I unplug the mpem and plug it back in. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Check your battery and engine grounds. Take them loose, clean them, put them back.

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    I'll be doing that tomorrow. How ever the ski was running fine right before this happened. I check the start stop button today because it felt like it was stuck. It check out at .9 ohms with the button pressed. Not sure if that's correct or not.

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    One long beep sounds to be the MPEM is no loger seeing your dess key, but do what hellhound said, and if nothing else since the MPEM was not pluged in all the way may have to take to dealer or buy a candoo to solve this issue.

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    Yikes. The dealer. I don't understand why it ran before hand then all of a sudden didnt. I also noticed if I pull the Main fuse. And replace it back it. The vts gauge goes up and I have power. But once I put the key on. I get a long beep and loose power. I got the ski for 1050 o n a trailer with a rebuilt motor. So I guess taking it to the dealer won't be that bad. In the meantime I can ride my spx . For some reason I have a funny feeling its the start stop switch that is giving a fault in the harness causing it not to go into start Mode. I'm not to good with electrical. But isn't .9 ohms far away from 0 ohms.

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    I have a 96 gtx and only have one key, I have to put it in a couple of times before I get the 2 beeps, I usually clean it and play around in order to get it to work if not I will get the long beep, It looks like it wont recognize the key 3 out 4 times or sometimes more. once I get the 2 beeps I have no problems til I remove. I learned to live with it instead of taking it to the stealership.

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    I don't know if you fixed your problem by now but try this. Track the wire from the dess post on the steering column to where it has a plug disconnect under the front hood. Disconnect the male and female plugs and look for corrosion. Clean and reconnect. One long beep usually means the ski doesn't recognize the key. If no corrosion appears I suspect the post itself. There's a magnet inside the dess post that can go bad. Sometimes if you leave the key on the post and wiggle the connector you get it to chirp. Hope that helps

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