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    Trailer Tires 12" Radials or 13" Bias...

    Any opinions on whether to go with 145/80 12" Radials, E rating or 175/80 13" C rating Bias Plys tires?

    For a Triton Double trailer.. It's got the 12's on there now (on aluminum rims) and it's brand new.. but I'm considering diff rims/tires before I use the trailer..



    P.S. Ski's are RXDI and '02 XP.. but I'd imagine we'll have a family GTX/RXT in the next couple years

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    If it's the wheels, that I'm thinking about, those 12" radials are some of the best around. But if you are bound and determined to get rid of them, I'd like to be first in line for your 12" aluminum wheel and radial tire setup. Retail is $500ish for the 2 you have just in case you are wondering if it's the ones, I'm thinking about.

    Do they look like these?
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    I personally like bigger wheel/tire combo's. They look more proportional to larger skies. If your buying new wheels/tires why not just get 13" radials. I have been lead to believe radials are better design over bias.

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    I prefer radials myself. I have had both. For long road trips and for high speed towing, Radials are the way to go.

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    JohnnyK: what is the diameter of both those tires?
    , that would be cool if I could switch to radials, bc the bias tires are imperfect as far as being "round", and they suck...Thanks bud...PR...

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    I run 13" radials

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    Billie, did you originally have the 12`s?...PR...

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    No, this company gives you an option of the 10" pontoon (fat) tires or 13".....I chose the 13".

    they ride so well too.....

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    Do you have to modify or replace the wheel wells when using larger tire's??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprchrgd89gt View Post
    Do you have to modify or replace the wheel wells when using larger tire's??
    if the replacement tire is the same overall diameter then you would be ok...PR...

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