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    Where is the measuring oil stick on 04 FX HO cruiser??

    Can't find measuring dip stick and how should I measure, with engine warm or cold? What type of oil/brand due I use and how much?? I'm new to 4strokes. I've always had 2 strokes but liking the ease of maintenance. Any other things I should check with this model??

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    Should be attached to the oil cap. There two lines on it low and high marks. Never overfill. I have the 2005 and I run Amsoil in mine. And does not have to be warm but I would start it to fill your filter then check level.

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    Where is the filter located and how much oil do I add once I such out the oil. Do I just put a tube down the oil cap opening until it it's the bottom and then start pumping oil out??

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    Filter is located on lower port side of engine. Your best investment will be an automatic pump. Walmart sells a decent one that I have been using with great success for $29. Run the engine to get the oil warm first and it will pump out approx 2.3 quarts in about 2 minutes.

    Watch this video.

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