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    Help with impeller pitch- 2009 Rxp-x

    Hi all,

    I have owned my 2009 rxp-x sense new and have loved it so far. I work at a sea-doo dealership and have decided it is time to start modifying my ski. My plans so far are as follows,

    Fizzle 4" Air intake
    Riva Free flow exhaust OR Thru hull exhaust (can't decide which I want and would like some input)
    Riva top loader intake grate (if you believe other's are better in my situation please do tell)
    Later down the road a bit-ET 127 drop in wheel for the supercharger.

    My question is, what pitch prop should I use for the mods listed without the Et wheel as that is coming a bit down the road. At work, I have rxt-x impeller that is basically brand new just laying around (customer bought a solas and left stock with us) that I can get my hands on and personally know somebody at the skat-trak repair and repitch dept. in Cali that is going to hook me up on a re-pitch for this prop. I was told 15/22 by a man on the phone at Riva today, and was just looking for some other opinions. I would like to get some more bottom end punch maybe, and hopefully a little more top end out of it as well yet I know impeller pitches usually either favor acceleration or top end. I would like this ski when all mods are done to run at least 71/72 and have a good hookup and bottom end punch.
    Thanks for your help

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    Pretty sure you'll need a 137 wheel.

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    So I'll need the et-127 with the rest of my mods to turn a 15/22 well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by t.i.p. View Post
    So I'll need the et-127 with the rest of my mods to turn a 15/22 well?
    You have a p-x. The sc housing is 137mm. A 127 wheel is to small for the housing. You need an ET137 to fit your stock rxp-x housing.

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    You can see what mods I have on mine. For the 15-22, you will want a bigger wheel than a 127, that is not much gain over the x charger wheel to begin with. The grate, everyone says R and D. I have it, I love it, but I have never tried the rive, so I can't compare. If you want the free flow, you can make that with an aluminum elbow and a straight, it is simple. I have the through hull now and love it, you don't get the drone through the tunnel at certain RPMs, but it is all preference.

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    Thanks for helping me out, glad to know what size wheel I need now. And yes, after some searching I found a bent piece of pipe that everyone around here bought for their PX free flow that was like 16 bucks as opposed to the "made of gold" Riva kit for like 90 bucks. Just gonna need to cut an inch or so off of each side of the pipe to make it work. I have called Riva and they still have a few leftover of the "pro series" air intake which is the one where it sucks air from a massive duct underneath the seat. It is a bit more money, they say it is a much more series intake than then other systems running a 3 or 4" tube to an air filter. Does this sound correct? Because if so I can get my hands on one for a pretty decent price with my discount. I will be going with either of those air intakes, that homemade exhaust, the R and D grate sense everybody swears by it, and probably the et137 wheel.

    However with a bit more researching, it seems I might have to upgrade my fuel system with the 137 wheel. If this is the case I will not be doing the mod, I would rather take all the money involved and just buy the Riva stage 1 kit and throw it all on there. I wanted a bit more performance, but not a monster.

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