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    Lightbulb Speester 200 Starboard Engine and Gauges Dead?

    I'm surprised I even had my login still saved, it has been a long time... time has not been my friend. I haven't been able to take my 2005 Speedster 200 (twin 4-tec SC) out for the last 2 seasons. I figured it was time to either get back at it or sell it, so I figure I might as well see if I will be able to get the time this boat deserves and have some fun with it.

    I pumped out the bad gas and put in some fresh gas and Sea Foam and let it set for a couple days. I pulled out the battery and got it charged back up. I wouldn't trust the battery on the lake, but it is charged up plenty for a brief land starts.

    I put the battery back in, put in lanyard and of course my "beeper" is dead, no sound. But it still cycled the gauges on the port engine and the port engine fired right up.

    The starboard engine won't do anything... the gauges don't budge, no starter sounds... it is like the + or - on that engine is disconnected. On mine I have a single red positive cable from the battery to the shutoff switch and about 3 ground cables. I cleaned all the ground cables just to sure, no dice.

    I looked at the fuses in captain compartment and didn't see anything relevant labeled there. I checked the fuses in the engine fuse block and those were all good.

    I used to be great at working on this thing but it had been so reliable for the last 7 or so years I never had to work on it and now my memory doesn't even give me a clue on where to start troubleshooting.

    Do I start at the power/ground to engine.... fuses... DESS relay... I'm not even sure. This thing had no problems I can remember when we put it up the last time, so my gut says I must have knocked something lose when removing the battery or something.

    I've done my best to make sure there is not a ground hiding somewhere I missed. I don't mind wrenching on stuff but wrenching on a Speedster ranks up there with the worst things to wrench on just because it seems like I'm always upside down and twisting around to get into the engine compartment and before I know it all the blood has gone to my head and I have a massive headache.

    Anyone got a pointer on where to look...? It is without much doubt an electrical issue and since the gauges don't do anything for that engine either, let alone start... you would think the battery disconnect was off if it weren't for the port side working, so power is missing somewhere downstream. IIRC the fuel gauge also does not work along with the starboard engine gauges.

    Fingers crossed this is either a bone-headed mistake (even though I've done my best to rule that out) or a simple fix.

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    For what it is worth, I did verify the power/ground for the starboard side has 12v going through it. I tested by touching the ground to the ground cable where it connects to the engine and touching the port side of the "power post" that is directly under the port side rear seat. By "power post" I might be talking about the starter relay? It has a large red positive cable connecting to either side and a small 2 wire connection (signal?) going into it. I only assume it is a relay since only one side of that post is has current running through it, and I verified that on the working port side also. I first I thought I a eureka moment until I realized it was functioning the same for both sides.

    I have no clue how the DESS works, but I would imagine the DESS checks for a good key and then triggers a relay to give 12v to the engine/components. My thought is since the DESS isn't even beeping anymore perhaps it went bad or the starboard relay it is controlling went bad. I don't have a wiring diagram to really take it much further though.

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    I figure I should also mention I did try the diagnostic mode, if that is even a thing on this year/model. With lanyard out I pressed the start once, tried it by pressing 5 times, press and hold, press 10 times... did this on either engine. Also tried with both start buttons at same time, nothing ever beeped and gauges never moved. No sign that did anything.

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    I found the shop manual online, if anyone else needs it one day it is here:

    It wasn't much help to me but the diagram did confirm that the Fuel Gauge, Speedo and Buzzer run off the Starboard side circuitry. That makes sense since I have no beeps, not fuel reading and the speedo is dead.

    It really seems as if the EMS or Engine Fuse Block are not getting power at all or that it is not receiving the DESS signal. I suppose all I can do now is start wiggling connections and hope it is something that got knocked loose. I think digging in the dozens of wires with a multimeter and/or testing the EMS/ECU is beyond my pay grade without some assistance, so unless anyone can offer any ideas I think I'm SOL and stuck with a shop bill. Not the way I wanted to start out getting back into boating again but this is how it seems to go.

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    Hmmm I got the same boat but no power issues like that. I think even if you had the wrong key on the post both engines would still light up on the gauges. You should have 2 ground wires going to your battery I think. Check all the fuses in the fuse box under the rear seats. You can use a 12v test light and see if that box is even getting power. Remove the storage box and look down and you will see it on the right. Also check the fuses that will be right near there as well, I think the wires are red and go to a black end cap that has a fuse in there.

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    Thanks for the info... I did check all 3 fuse boxes, they were good. Looking at the wiring diagram it seems to show that there are some "inline" fuses like you're describing. I haven't found those yet, as everything is packed in pretty tight. That very well could be what it is though, I will have to hunt for them. Do you recall if they are tucked between the engines or near the gas tank? I will hunt for them today.

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    Thanks for that info, it got me back in there actually looking for the inline fuses. I thought those were capped off connections like you see on some circuits here and there and not little fuse blocks. The 15 amp was totally corroded and once I swapped it out the Beeps are back and the starboard gauges and engine works again! Thanks for that insight, you rock! =)

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