I own a modded 2012 fzr and last saturday rode my first ever gpr as I was water testing for my friend. Water test was fine, comp just under 110 on all 3cyl. Took the ski out Monday along with mine, rode for around 2hours faultlessly then had a quick break. When my friend went to restart his gp12....nothing. No click, no beep, no fssss nothing. Swapped our batteries over back home and his ski fired, swapped batterys back and his started again and started again today on the hose. Had a new gel battery few weeks ago. We took the start switch apart to see if there were any freyed/corroded wires but looked good. Anyone ever had similar symptons? Wouldnt want it to happen miles offshore again. Also the trim seems to be seized/knackered on the handlebars but looks like it is not linked up in the front storage bucket? Any help would be appreciated. one day it'll be my donor