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    Yamaha 1200 PV Top End Rebuild Help needed

    I think I need a top end rebuild. The compression is 100, 110, 120. I cant remember the order. I will have to re check it.

    How hard is it to do a top end rebuild? I couldn't find any good instructions that explain how to do it. I have the service manual but that is not that much help.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also where should I get the cyclinders replated ? And is there a difference in quality of top end kits?

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    thats not terrible but maybe you caught it in time to prevent damage

    how many hours on it?

    Millennium technologies is one good one
    there are several that are good and opinions will vary as to who to use.

    yes there is alot of difference in kits
    Last 800 I did I used Jetski factory pistons
    make sure you replace the PV with upgraded ones.

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    I would pull the head and look at the cylinders to see if the walls are scored

    you may have a power valve problem

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    It has 120 hours on it

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    Can I just take the head off or do I need to take everything else off that is connected to it?

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    You have to disconnect the two water hoses and the two exhaust brackets to remove the head. Those two bolts under the exhaust brakets can be a real pain to remove if you don't pull the exhaust first though.

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    WFO or anyone else.... I took the head off. I will have to post some pictures. The cylinder with the lower compression has a coating of oil on the piston and is/looks wet compared to the other pistons. So I am thinking the rings went bad.... I am going to pull the cylinder to inspect and check the power valve.

    Do you think it could be the power valve? I am not sure what I am looking for on the power valve or will it be obvious.


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    If you have no scoring in the cylinder that's good , pull the cylinders then you will see powervalves and with reading and research you will understand them ones on your bench , it will be say $400 or so for sbt topend kit but i was not impressed with there gaskets verses the originals not saying I had a problem but be sure to coat your gaskets with copper spray for all metal gaskets I learned the hard way ,

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    I only pulled one cylinder and piston off so far (see bellow)... I need to pull the rest of the exhaust and cylinders, pistons next.

    It looks to have damage to the sides of the piston. Do you think something got into the cylinder? The cylinder looks fine. Will do a very light hone/clean up on the cylinder before putting new piston, rings, etc in. I need to check out the other two cylinders and hope for the best

    Click image for larger version. 

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