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    is this normal? help

    Im changing my oil and sparks plugs. I pluged in the water and noticed a little green seal from what it looks like and there was water coming out just on the right of it. Is this normal?
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    Thats your water doesn't look like its on properly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    Thats your water doesn't look like its on properly...
    So its normal for the water to come out at that spot. But your saying the thats a seal and its not on properly? Can I try loosen the botls and try to get that seal back in?

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    Danny's right.. it doesn't look seated properly.. your photo is crooked lol Once it's pushed in to the transom.. the pump mates up to it.. and thats how your motor draws water in from pump... Take the steering and vts bar off and take pump bolts out.. and pull pump off.. and put the washer back in place.

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    Watet should not come out here! It should go through it!
    As Danny says, it's a water restrictor. Your exhaust / IC cooling water is drawn up through the pump and passes through the centre of this restrictor washer before entering your cooling system.

    The restrictor restricts the water flow depending on the hp of your ski. The washer is metal with a hole in the middle and is cased in a coloured sleeve ( in your case yellow) the colour of the sleeve determines the hole diameter = flow rate.

    On the coloured sleeve there is a small alignment tab which should line up with a recess on the pump shoe (where the pump meets the transom). Yours doesn't!!

    i would not try to loosen and adjust it as you wont know if it has been damaged by the misfit. Best to pull the pump and take a look at it. If ok, fit properly and slide pump back in. A very simple and cheap part but can cause catastrophic engine trouble if blocked or badly aligned (ie exhaust doesn't get cooled properly etc).

    Pulling the pump is a simple and quick job. If no VTS or IBR then takes 5 mins off and 10 mins back on.

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    I have a pic with ur saying I should take the pump off rhe 4 bolts and try to put the green washer-gasket back in.
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    And the water shouldnt come out of there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinsRxp View Post
    And the water shouldnt come out of there?
    Thats correct.

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    So I pushed the seal in and the pressure of the water became stronger with a uprise stream. Heres a pic is this normal?
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    That's very wrong. Don't risk screwing your engine for 1/2hr work. Just take the pump off and do it properly.

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