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    2006 GTI Pump Oil and Changing Antifreeze?

    Ive searched several threads and cant find the information Im wanting. As far as I know, the pump grease has never been changed. Ive read it has grease in it from the factory and people fill it with gear oil? 75w90 syn? How do you know how much to put in it?

    My gf has a 95 xp with the screw in the cone. Once drained it was no big deal to fill it up to the fill hole but my 06 gti doesnt have a fill plug. Also, for the orings, is 2 of the 293300086 correct?

    Also, far as I know the antifreeze has never been changed so I thought i may drain that and refill. Is the normal green Ethelyn glycol ok to use?


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    No one knows?

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    Green 50/50 mix antifreeze is fine, that's what everyone uses. As far as the pump grease in the 06 i just stick with grease, get a tube of the seadoo grease and top it off. PPL are changing to oil in high performance skis because their grease gets hot and runs to the back and they toast the bearing. A GTI will never do this... If it doesn't have water in the grease just top if off, i even leave the orings alone...

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    Well I took the cone off last night and pretty much all of the grease was back in the cone. It looked nice and clean, but not much if any grease was left in the bearing. I hadn't read your post yet so I filled the cone about half way up with 75w-140 SYN and put it back on.

    Good Deal on the antifreeze. Its only $10 for a gallon of it at napa then I can dilute it with distilled water.

    If its needed, Ill start a new thread. Im having issues with my wear ring. Its wearing half of the ring and not the other half. Is this from the plastic housing flexing? She cavitates some when youre hard on the throttle at low speeds, always has. I put a new wear ring in it 2 summers ago and now it looks the same.

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    That's probably the result of the plastic housing flexing, but it could also be indicating some alignment issues between the shaft and the pump. Depending on how long that wad of weeds was wrapped around the driveshaft it could have had an effect as well. What concerns me most about the pics is the color of the grease, looks like the bearing is wearing a lot from being dry and turning your grease black... you should keep an eye on that. If the bearing fails it's more than likely going to trash the entire housing, but that will give you an excuse to get a metal one...

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    Couple things get those weeds out..... Change wear ring..... Clean old grease out add new ...change the restrictor washer in the pump shoe,its the yellow washer in the pics.

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    Pretty sure the weeds happened towards the end of the season last year. I remember going through an area of shallow water and having to turn around.

    That's the first time the cone has been taken off since new in 2006. We bought it in 2008 with 40 hours on it, I'm behind on taking the cone off and checking it. Ill take it off at the end of the season and check it out again. When I spun the impeller it was very smooth with no play.

    That wear ring has only been on there for two seasons, I don't really see much of a reason to buy another if its just going to happen again. The one I took off looked identical two years ago. How do you check for alignment?

    How much is a metal housing? This thing is only a GTI with the basic 4tec, don't need any fancy shenanigans.

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