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    GPR 1300 EFI help please

    A customer of mine brought in a 1300 he bought off a younger guy. He wants me to look it over and do whatever it needs to remain a fast reliable ski. Here's what I see so far:

    Electronic Jet Kit..Riva maybe? I assume it's a fuel controller of some sort, it appears to just be piggybacked in.
    Cat has been removed
    Resonator gone and free flow tube installed
    Plugs have the electrodes cut back and side gapped
    Ride plate and tabs appear stock but grooves on tabs are filled
    Intake grate is a top loader type
    Links between the power valves are hard plastic and not the rubber kind
    Haven't checked power valve keepers yet but I'd bet they've been upgraded

    He would like to go pre-mix for piece of mind. I know on the FI Seadoo 2-smokes that's a no-no. Are these the same or can you delete the oil injection? If you can then what ratio would be suggested? What other things do I need to inspect? Are there fuel filters that need changed? He has not GPS'd the ski but says it's scary fast and he thinks it goes over 70mph.

    OK.....tell me what I need to know.

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    gimmie a ring if you like and I'll walk you thru it

    seem like a lot to type to answer your above questions... lol

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    Thanks for the offer. What number should I call, and what time is best for you.

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    Call Rich! He's a guru!

    Gp1300rs don't have problems with there oil injection system so there isn't really a need however you can make the ski premix.... What year is the ski? If its a power valve motor make sure it has wave eater clips as good deal. Also! Look at the pump tunnel to insure it's not cracking or the shoe isn't starting to pull through!
    See if the pump shoe has been filled to reduce cavitation. There are so many things you can do to these skis! Contact Rich he will help you with everything you will need to know!

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