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    1100 and 900 zxi hull

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum. I just picked up a 96 zxi 900 and love it! There's only a couple things I don't like about it.

    1. The color. I was wondering if a 97 zxi 1100 hull was the same as a 96 zxi 900 when it comes to just dimensions. Like do the bumpers interchange?

    2. The porpoising. It gets going pretty good, but as soon as it starts to porpoise you have to almost completely stop to get it to plane out again. It has beach house sponsons, and an ocean pro ride plate. Is there something more I can do? Where should I have the sponsons set at?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The hulls are not the same, but to my knowledge, the only real difference is the shape of the bottom front. They had trouble with the '96 1100 hulls (with air induction ports). The next year, they eliminated the air induction and I believe they modified the front to prevent it from flipping over at high speed.

    I didn't have porpoising problems with mine. It would do it from time to time, but changing the trim/shifting my weight would stop it. You can also turn slightly to stop it.

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    Thanks for the info!! I really just want to know about the bumpers and pads in the back. The purple is really ugly. I know the 97 1100's came with grey ones. Those would look better with my black/grey/blue color scheme.

    And thanks for the advice on the porpoising!

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